Five Tips To Keep Your Horse Healthy For Races

Here are five tips for keeping your horse healthy for races. Keeping your horse healthy is essential to winning (or even just participating or getting prepared and ready for) a race. Your horse is an important part of the race, and should be treated so.


It is very important to feed a race horse only the most beneficial and nutritious, diet-supporting food. Race horses have special diets in order to fuel their specially trained bodies. The ideal diet is a high protein diet (somewhere around 14). The recommended food is sweet feed and hay (twenty five pounds divided for two feedings a day).

Vitamins E, D and A are also a staple in the diet and highly essential to keep the metabolism and muscles running at an optimal speed and rhythm.

–Plenty of Exercise

It is important to keep your race horse on whichever specially tailored exercise plan you have it on. Allow them one or two days of rest before races to build and keep energy and endurance.


The most important thing you can do for your race horse is care for them, emotionally and physically, spiritually and conditionally. Make sure they’re always brushed, bashed and groomed. And that living quarters are optimal.


Sleep is essential to muscle building and strength, recovery time and emotional wellbeing. Make sure your horse gets plenty of sleep at night — especially the night before a big race.

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