Are Horse Racing Events Popular Even Today?

I don’t feel that horse racing is as popular as it used to be. These days the most popular events out there are sporting events like football, baseball, and basketball. However, horse racing events remain a high curiosity of many Americans.

Many Americans do enjoy animals and they enjoying sporting events, so it’s natural that many would enjoy a combination of the two. I feel that many people are still waiting for the next triple crown winner, which heightens the excitement of the sport.

The biggest reason horse racing events are popular today and somewhat in the past is due to gambling, placing bets, and winning big on your lucky horse. The nostalgia of classic horse racing and picking your favorite horse for money is why many still enjoy attending the event.

Some people enjoy gambling more on horses than on other sporting events because of the rather unpredictable state of the animals themselves. Humans in sports are viewed to be far more predictable than animals in sporting events so that alone will continue to draw crowds in to watch the horses. So while the event has lost its luster, it still has a hold on many people out there. More info here: Saratoga Survival Guide Part Three – Ten Tips for Handicapping Horse Races

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