When Did Horse Racing First Start?

History of Horse Racing

Horse racing dates back to 4500 BC. The nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia were the first to domesticate the horse. Horse racing became a professional sport around 1702. Breeding horses and owning horses became profitable.

Horse Racing Today

Horse racing is a well organized sport. Horse racing is a form of gambling that is legal. Horse racing could be one of the most popular sport throughout the world. Most races are comprised of thoroughbred horses in the United States. Harness racing is gaining some popularity too.

Type of Horse Races

Most people like to see horses race at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness or Breeder’s Cup.The whole story can be found at http://1045theteam.com/saratoga-survival-guide-part-three-ten-tips-for-handicapping-horse-races/ People who love horse racing realize that horses may advance to more competitive races. A successful record in certain races could position a horse to enter more competitive events. Some of the lower class races may include Maiden, Claiming, Allowance and Stakes.


Everyone has their own strategy for betting horses. There are two basic ways that you can bet, straight or exotic. If you bet straight, you can win, place and show the horses you think will come in first, second and third. Using an exotic betting method, you could select an exacta, quinella, trifecta or a superfecta.

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