How Do I Become A Horse Racer?

Becoming a horse racer or jockey requires through knowledge of every aspect of racehorses. Size of the jockey is the single factor that can derail one’s hope of being a jockey. While there is no height limits, there is a strict weight limit of 115 lbs which must be maintained at all times. Starting out as a jockey historically has been more difficult as one needed to know a trainer or owner or have a referral from someone associated with the racetrack. Nowadays there are jockey schools that help jockeys get into the sport with proper training. The best way to get into horseracing is to become an apprentice of an established, professional jockey. Anyway the future racer gets into the sport, all jockeys usually start with working in the stables with what is called “hot walks”, which is walking the horse after a race or exercise to calm the horse. The first opportunity for an aspiring jockey to actually ride a racehorse is during exercise sessions followed by schooling races which allows the jockey to get used to the starting gate and the feel of racing the 1000 lb horse full speed.
Once the racetrack stewards feel the jockey is ready, the final step is getting a jockey license. A jockey must get a jockey’s license form the local racetrack, which is good at all other racetracks.

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